Now you can share any Vine video to Tumblr and others blog with Vineit

Now you can share any Vine video to Tumblr and others blog with Vineit

Twitter launched Vine last week and the short-video service has proven to be popular among its users (despite plenty of early bugs), but sharing beyond Twitter is currently limited. Until now, that is. Dwolla Developer Evangelist Michael Schonfeld — @baconseason — has a built a service that shares the 6-second videos to Tumblr and any other type of blog.

It’s simple to use. Visit, drag the bookmarklet into your browser and click that link when you’re viewing a Vine. Once you’ve done that, hovering over the video brings up a share to Tumblr link and an embed code for publishing anywhere else on the Web.

Here is a Vine from the Brooklyn Nets, for example.

The Tumblr share is even easier to use thanks to the pop-up window.


This isn’t the first hack to provide more functionality to the service. Last week Vinepeek, a site that shows Vines that have been published from across the world, found popularity and now Vineit is bringing more features.

You may remember Schonfeld’s other creations, which include the nifty InstaTwit extension that brings Instagram photos back to Twitter streams. He also built a retweet counter back at the time when Twitter’s own tweet counter would top out at ’50+’.

Headline image via Robert Neumann / Shutterstock

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