I want to do donuts in this DeLorean hovercraft

I want to do donuts in this DeLorean hovercraft

The DeLorean has held a special place in the lexicon of pop culture since its appearance in the Back To The Future series, but its real history is even more nuts. Engineer John DeLorean, who produced lovely and iconic designs outside of cars, also tried to save his motor company by (allegedly) smuggling drugs and successfully defended himself on charges.

Despite the fact that the DeLorean was incredibly heavy and had notoriously poor handling, its steel exterior and aggressive lines have made it one of the most recognizable vehicles of all time.

That’s why it was no doubt a surprise when Terry Barentsen happened to come across a DeLorean skimming across the San Francsico Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch it blow over the water and do donuts on the sand and I want it now…


Image Credit: ROBYN BECK/Staff

H/t Hypervocal

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