Let them eat QR code cake. 3 tons of it, to be exact.

Let them eat QR code cake. 3 tons of it, to be exact.

This might not be the world’s largest QR code, but it’s probably the tastiest. Chinese Internet giant Tencent celebrated the New Year in style with a 3-ton QR code cake, as documented by state news agency Xinhua.

The installation was composed with 20,000 slices. It took up 36 square meters and required 750kg of evaporated milk, 730kg of cheese, 390kg of butter, 245 kg of chocolate and 600kg of “egg mixture”. It took 25 bakers 10 hours to complete. All this effort will likely pay off, as the cake is believed to have secured a Guinness world record for the largest QR code in cake form. Fancy that.

The resulting code was fully scannable and pointed customers to Tencent’s news client.

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(hat tip Tech in Asia and Shanghaiist)

Image credit: Xinhua

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