Here’s how to market your startup with muppets

Here’s how to market your startup with muppets

Coaster, a service that lets you order a drink with your phone instead of waiting at the bar, recently launched its first app, and so the company responsible is looking to get the word out.

Standing out in a crowd of never-ending iPhone and Android apps is tough, but with the help of Herman, a muppet-like character with an affinity for the night life, Coaster is on the right track.

No more waiting, no more hassle. It’s so easy, even a puppet can do it!

As far as app marketing goes, a humorous angle wont work for every company, but it hits home for Coaster. Execution is everything, and considering that many of us end up acting like muppets after a few trips to the bar keep, we found both the idea and the final results strangely charming.

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