Unpolitic.me: a Chrome extension that removes politics from your Facebook and Twitter feeds

Unpolitic.me: a Chrome extension that removes politics from your Facebook and Twitter feeds

The US Presidential election has certainly heated up. Just earlier this week, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney squared off in their last presidential debates before the election. But with the introduction of social media, people around the world have felt enamored to voice their opinions in favor or against a candidate or issue. That’s great for some, but there are others who wish there was a way to simply make all the political tweets and status updates stop.

Introducing Unpolitic.me, a Google Chrome browser extension available now to help filter the political tweets and status updates you don’t want to see — permanently. Created by Chris Baker, creative director at Buzzfeed, and also one of the mastermind behind of Unbaby.me, the browser plugin that removes babies from your Facebook newsfeed permanently, Unpolitc.me focuses on removing any posts, opinions, and links that are political in nature without you resorting to unfriending someone.

What happens is when someone posts a political status update, it will not show up on your Facebook news feed (as long as you’re using the Chrome browser). What it will show is something completely different — something that will be “awesome”.

Unpolitic.me screenshot

To get this on your computer, just install the extension and that’s it. You can browse through Facebook and Twitter and you won’t see any more political news in your feed.


Image credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

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