Uncanny tech industry lookalikes

Uncanny tech industry lookalikes

At The Next Web we’ve developed an unspoken ‘No branded infographics’ rule over the past year or so – largely because they’re generally low on useful content and are usually pitched to us with horrible, SEO-focused conditions along the lines of “Please link to DiscountHomeInsurance.info.” That said, Sivan Cohen from Conduit showed us this graphic at the Dublin Web Summit earlier this week and we just had to share it.

Here are some scarily uncanny tech lookalikes. Mark Zuckerberg’s similarity to King Philip IV of Spain did the rounds a while back, but Steve Jobs’ similarity to Gandhi had completely passed us by until now. Reports that our own Robin Wauters sometimes says “Yowza” are unconfirmed at present.

Click the image to view a larger version.

Thumbnail image credit: Cheriejoyful

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