Fully fledged: The Ostrich Pillow passes its $70,000 Kickstarter goal in 8 days

Fully fledged: The Ostrich Pillow passes its $70,000 Kickstarter goal in 8 days

Ok, hold on to your hats people, there’s some big news abrewing…the Ostrich Pillow has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $70,000 just eight days after landing on the site.

For those of you who need an introduction, the product in question is an all immersive head pillow that is ideal for powernappers, day sleepers and, well basically anyone who is looking for a more comfortable way to catch a few Zs on the go.

At the airport, for instance:

It’s a bit of fun but the story behind it is actually an interesting one.

We first wrote about the Ostrich Pillow back when it was a prototype/idea-without-wings in January. When we reached out to the designers behind it they told us that there was no immediate schedule to produce it, though they were in discussions with a manufacturer.

Those talks broke down and, while it took another nine months before Kawamura-Ganjavian, the duo behind it, brought the idea to Kickstarter, it has rapidly broken its funding goal. Being on Kickstarter helped garner a lot of attention across the Web and now it is set to become a reality, with 21 days of funding still to go.

So regardless of whether you’re a big fan or staunchest critic — it seems there’s no middle ground of opinion on it — you have to admit that its progress highlights the potential Kickstarter offers to anyone with an idea.

If you’re sold on the concept, the bad news is that the basic backing level — $60 (excluding shipping) for a pillow — is fully subscribed, but you can get a pillow of your own for upwards of $75.

Let’s see how much more funding the project can get, and whether Kawamura-Ganjavian scale up their plans given the interest that has been shown.

Hit the link to the Kickstarter page below for more details.

➤ Ostrich Pillow on Kickstarter | Studio Banana Things

Update: A message from the guys behind the project (who reckon they hit the target in just 7 days – my Asia-US timezones make it 8, but nevermind):

We are in rapture here at Studio Banana towers.

You guys have got us to our target in just 7 days. We are so grateful. Thank you for liking, thankyou for pledging, thankyou for spreading the word.

We will now carry on and be able to move forward to production and distribution.

Keep supporting, keep sharing and keep dreaming.

with love from Team Ostrich Pillow

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