Feel good about the shape you’re in with the BBC Olympic athlete body match

Feel good about the shape you’re in with the BBC Olympic athlete body match

Apart from the gleeful celebration of sport, marvelling at the skill and stamina of international players and the general gossip and razamatazz associated with the Olympics, there is also a chance for us to feel a bit better about the shape we’re in.

It’s no surprise that people often take up sport when they are inspired by huge sporting competitions, but athletes come in all shapes and sizes, short, tall, wide, stocky, springy and many other descriptive words. Though not many of us can claim to be as fit as an Olympic athlete, through part of the BBC news website, we can claim to have a similar shape.

Head to the page entitled Your Olympic athlete body match and add your details for height and weight (we won’t tell anyone and we tried it too). Lo and behold! No matter what your hang up, you’re probably a similar size to an amazing world-beating athlete!

Made us feel better, we fit into boxing, hockey, judo, cycling and shooting categories, all by sitting in an office chair. (Olympic sitting…maybe.)

Try it for yourself and find out which athlete you may have a body match with. Good for competing with your friends, without having to get up.

➤ BBC Olympic athlete body match

Image Credit: Dave Highbury

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