Don’t you wish your phone bill looked like this?

Don’t you wish your phone bill looked like this?

App concepts usually leave me feeling disappointed by their lack of reality rather than hopeful, but Refact, a concept service by USER STUDIO, is too good to resist. The yet-to-exist app and Web service, as Core 77 reports, provides visualizations about your phone usage that turns the messy information that Verizon and AT&T sloppily provides into something actually enjoyable to look at.

Essentially, the service helps you find everything you need to know about your debts, your data usage and more. It’s almost Mint-like, but is specifically catered towards helping customers measure their actual use to “determine whether their contracts fit their needs, something that the service providers don’t necessarily always want to make available.”

In other words, this needs to happen. Perhaps the concept will drum up enough attention for a real service to appear? If not, we can at least hope someone is inspired to make something similar.

Learn more via the official project page:


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