FixYa releases its smartphone report with common problems and solutions

FixYa releases its smartphone report with common problems and solutions

Unless you are fond of a particular brand, choosing a smartphone can be a bit confusing. Even when you have read the specs, the handsets on offer seem to be very similar.

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who is an expert in these matters, you’ll be sorted in no time. But even if you work out the comparisons, it can be tricky working out what the problems might be.

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FixYa the Q&A site for gadgets around the home and beyond has published a handy report. It looks at the most popular hand sets for the US market and while identifying the possible problems, it also provides some handy solutions.

So, even if you have made your choice, it might be useful to take a look and see if there are improvements you might like to apply.

The models in the report include the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Lumia 900, Titan II, and Blackberry Curve.

The report, crowdsourced from tens of thousands of consumers on its site is not a bad resource for troubleshooting and comparing how each smartphone stacks up. When you’re in the market to buy, the model with the least problems might be the one that appeals the most.

For a closer look, you can find the report here.

Image Credit: TFDuesing

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