Who do you really know on Facebook? Try this cute game and find out

Who do you really know on Facebook? Try this cute game and find out

As our own Courtney Boyd-Myers only just pointed out – the world of social media can feel a bit like a video game where you are pressured to ‘KNOW ALL THE PEOPLE!’

It’s easy enough to add people into your social feed out of politeness or under social pressure, but how many people do you really know?

Here’s a cute Web game to find out.

Who do you know?‘ asks precisely that and tests you on it. To play the game, you need to allow the site access to your friends list. Happily the game does not post on your behalf when you play, so it won’t spam everyone else via your timeline.

Then it asks you to fill in the surnames of people on your friends list, which can help you identify who you really know.

It’s a nicely presented simple process, although, many of us now use Facebook as an information feed as well as seeing updates from our friends. The game leaves out pages that have been set up, but there are still few profiles that are tricky to guess as users have not set up a page for a news feed. So first names like ‘West’ look a little strange here.

The test also gets harder if you know people with common names. I know a few people called Tarek, more than a few called John and a handful of lovely Sarahs. So it took a few tries to get the right ones.

It’s interesting to see the people that you do and don’t recognise though and could be a neat way to filter through and have a clear out of people you really don’t interact with. It takes time, depending on how many people you know, but the little whale on the side helps to keep things amusing as it will eat up the friends you know more about.

➤ Who do you know?

Image Credit: Texasbubba

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