This neat site lets you challenge the pundits and predict Facebook’s IPO closing price

This neat site lets you challenge the pundits and predict Facebook’s IPO closing price

Facebook’s upcoming IPO is dominating tech investors’ discussions and thoughts, but you can get involved in the evident too, even if you’re not one of those ready to put cash on the table for a slice of the global social network sensation. is a site that’s been pulled together — in a fantasy football-style — to allow experts and ordinary punters to mix together and place bets on Facebook’s share price at the closing bell (though, ironically, sign-in to the site is via Twitter.)

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The fun site was created by in response to a tweet from high profile investor Chris Sacca as creator James Proud explains:

A quick hack from @jamesproud inspired by @sacca‘s tweet. I thought it’d be cool to know and build.

Quickly knocked together with Python, Tornado, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, no sleep and Bootstrap.

A few high profile pundits have placed their bets including Sacca ($56) and Chris Dixon ($50) — and they are neatly highlighted to one side, based on being followed on Twitter by Proud — and there’s a feed of other estimates that have rolled in too.

One thing we’d love to see would be more stats and analysis of the predictions, but we appreciate it was built quickly, and the site is a nice addition that’s worth a little of your time ahead of a filing that will go down in history.

Now go buy that pinstripe executive hoodie while you’re at it.

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