Spring fashion trends: Crazy for Paisley!

Spring fashion trends: Crazy for Paisley!

Paisley is the “it fabric” this spring season. But don’t just take it from us. For a study on spring trends, we worked with the NYC-base advertising technology company Taykey, a company that provides real-time trends to improve advertising performance.

We asked Taykey to pull a fascinating chunk of data around fashion trends percolating across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere. And it turns out we’re all crazy for Paisley!

And surprisingly, it’s not just girls chattering about Paisley but it’s split pretty 50/50 between the genders. Expect to see quite a few males this season with Paisley pocketsquares, bowties and dress shirt prints. Paisley is even big on Facebook, which means the trend that started on the runway has definitely hit mainstream.

“Not only is it versatile, Paisley is a print that can be worn by both men and women. Offered in bright bold colors and muted tones, paisley can complement a wide range of styles. This past fashion week, Paisley was seen coming down the runways, uniquely displayed by designers like Stella McCartney to Jil Saunders. But this trend is also available to the masses, with retailers such as J.Crew and H&M are offering paisley prints at an affordable and accessible price, its no accident that we’ll be seeing everyone rocking some paisley this spring,” explains Rebecca Zhou, a New York City designer and fashion curator.

Check out the stats for yourself in this awesome infographic produced for us by Taykey. (Click on the image for full size.)

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