iSmoke 2.0 hits the App Store, with secret 4/20 doobie

iSmoke 2.0 hits the App Store, with secret 4/20 doobie

Remember back in the good ol’ days, when the App Store first opened to the public? An app was cool just because it was an app, and the entire system was crowded with everything from fart simulators to beer pong games?

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the good ol’ days and maybe a lot hasn’t changed, other then the fact that some apps are being taken quite seriously lately. But one comical and somewhat inappropriate app from the App Store’s early days has just been relaunched with top notch graphics and it was too good to resist.

Like the famous iBeer app, iSmoke is back with version 2.0. That app does exactly what you think it does, but this time packs in-app purchases and a hidden easter egg.

It’s 4/20 after all, so if you want to get in on all the festivities, visit this link after downloading the free app. Yes, you will immediately be presented with a big fat joint.

➤ iSmoke, free in the App Store

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