Everything Butt Art: The future of children’s books takes to Kickstarter

Everything Butt Art: The future of children’s books takes to Kickstarter

Time has shown that tablets can do amazing things, and using them to build immersive books is one of them. But up until this past February, I never saw a children’s book that truly realized the hidden potential packed into the iPad. Everything Butt Art, which spans across traditional books, ebooks and an app, is one series that absolutely blew me away. This is why we deemed it the future of children’s books just a few months ago.

It teaches step-by-step drawing with a twist, as all the drawings start with a butt shape (a rounded lowercase w). The series has gotten tons of attention despite being an under-resourced, independent publisher, and now the creator has taken to Kickstarter to fund the release of two more books this year.

From the creator:

Our books and iPad app teach step-by-step drawing with a unique twist – drawings start with a butt shape. Believe it or not, this approach is grounded in science, using the principle behind the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking – start with a fixed line and see what you can draw with the initial constraint.

…The scaffolding we provide allows children’s imaginations to run wild. Children (and most adults) invariably find humor in this most universal of shapes. Kids love wisecracks about butts (sorry, couldn’t help myself :). We take advantage of silliness that is innate by directing it toward creativity. And, by making drawing easy, kids gain confidence.

We think creativity and confidence are crucial ingredients for healthy, happy kids.

In all honesty, things like Butt Art really do make the world a better place (jokes aside). It’s a genuine way to inspire creativity and introduce kids to the arts, while making the process completely accessible. And while this Kickstarter fund is going directly to fund the production of new books, it’s all fueling content that’ll eventually flow right back to Everything Butt Art’s iPad app.

If you have kids or know anyone that does, you owe it to them to try this app out and explore the first two books. If you’re already sold or want to learn more, check out the Kickstarter page below:

➤  Everything Butt Art

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