Trust me, you’ve got time for this.

Trust me, you’ve got time for this.

Last weekend, a woman named “Sweet Brown” was interviewed about her experience of escaping from a fire in her apartment.

The delivery of her comments put a humorous spin on a serious story and resulted in the 40 second video going viral shortly after.

Her reaction: “Are you serious? Wow, that’s amazing. You think I could be a superstar?”

This is the original interview but it’s this specific remix (and there have been many) that you need to watch – expertly put together by The Parody Factory.

Going forward I plan to play this to my wife whenever she wants me to take her to the ballet…ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can download a copy of the audio file here, courtesy of yours truly.

(Oh and the funniest part of the video might just be her son pacing back & forth shaking his head in the background)

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