Here’s how to patch a pothole with some corn starch and water

Here’s how to patch a pothole with some corn starch and water

Science! One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen is non-Newtonian fluid. This batter-like mixture, often comprised of corn starch and water, turns into a rock-hard surface when it is swiftly impacted. Chances are you’ve seen demonstrations where people will run across pools filled with the sludge, only to sink when they stop. But what if you could do more with it?

According to ScienceMag, that’s exactly what a group of college students are hoping to accomplish. By filling bags with non-Newtonian fluid, then placing them into a pothole and covering them, they’re creating temporary fixes until a more permanent repair can be made.

” What they came up with is a powdered mixture that is stored in specially designed waterproof bags, which are made of a strong fiber like Kevlar lined with silicone. To produce a ready-made pothole patch, city workers would simply add water and seal the bag.”

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The results? Firmly impressive:

Want more? Here’s a great example of how non-Newtonian fluid works:

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