MapMyFITNESS maps the fittest states and cities in the U.S.

MapMyFITNESS maps the fittest states and cities in the U.S.

We’re big fans of staying in shape here at The Next Web. Last fall, we produced an exhaustive report on The Future of Fitness and we continue to track innovation and new technologies related to health.

What do you use to track your workouts? I really like Runkeeper, and I’ve recently started playing around with Nike+ because its Path integration is pretty cool. 8 million U.S. residents choose to use MapMyFITNESS, an Austin, Texas based company that operates a suite of social wellness-oriented websites and associated mobile and tablet applications including,,,,, and

Every month, MapMyFITNESS produces a report called The Fittest of the Fit Cities and States index, which measures the daily fitness activities of 1.5 million U.S. residents who are active members of the its community. In total, more than 2,500 cities were ranked.

Since last month, Denver dropped to #4, while Minneapolis went from #4 to #3. Seattle dropped down out of the top 5 large cities to #6 and Pittsburgh moved from #6 to #5. Cambridge, MA is now the top Mid-Sized City, while Marietta, GA dropped to #2. Hermosa Beach, CA is no longer in the Top 3 Small Cities, instead replaced by Falls Church, VA (#3). Want to know how your city ranks? Check out the infographic below.

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In case you were wondering, DC is actually listed in state and large city rankings as it doesn’t fit perfectly in either category.

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