Have you ever wondered what animals would look like inside-out?

Have you ever wondered what animals would look like inside-out?

If the thought of inside-out animals hasn’t occurred to you recently, congratulations. That means you’re likely 100% normal. But even if zoology and anatomy aren’t your bread and butter, the upcoming exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London is pretty miraculous, and thanks to NOTCOT, we can see the whole thing in pictures ahead of time.

Note: This is not for the feint of heart.

From the organs of elephants and the “dorsal slices” of a giraffee to the mesh-like network of capillaries of ducks and rabbits…It’s all here, it’s a little nauseating, and yet somehow I can’t get enough.

If you’re having a “can’t look away moment” already, wait ’till you see how all of these specimens were made. Yes, the grueling process involves plenty of embalming and dissection, the removal of body fat and water, forced impregnation of liquid polymer, positioning using wires, clamps and needles and then finally curing, which requires gas, light, heat or a combination of the three. It all sounds so wrong, but If I lived in London, I guarantee I would go.

For all the outrageous, intriguing details, check out Justine Aw‘s coverage and photographs. This is an exclusive sneak peek, as the exhibit doesn’t open to the public until Friday. If you’re in London now, you can learn more about attending here.

➤  Animal Inside Out at the NHM with Body Worlds

For more details, read the behind the scenes blog here.

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