Watch as celebrities read their meanest @replies from Twitter [Video]

Watch as celebrities read their meanest @replies from Twitter [Video]

Following Twitter’s sixth birthday, Jimmy Kimmel has decided to celebrate by calling on fellow celebrities to read the meanest messages they’ve ever received on Twitter.

Believe it or not, some famous people actually do check up on their Twitter accounts, while other leave that job to their respective PR agencies. In this video, the likes of Will Farrell, Louis CK, David Cross, Roseanne, Jason Bateman and Anna Faris all read mean tweets aloud showing you that celebs have feelings — and that it’s funny when you make fun of them.

From Kelly Oxford’s blog:

One late-night last fall, I was sitting around with Jimmy and Molly and we were all on our laptops reading Twitter. Jimmy and I started talking about the mean @ replies we get, it was something like…
“Why do people do this?”
“They’re always doing this”
“Mine are awful.”
“No, MINE are awful.”
“We’re awful.”

We then launched into a competition of who had the WORST tweets tweeted at them that day, taking turns reading them out to each other. It actually made me feel a lot better to know that he’d also sit around and read the terrible shit people wrote to him, and the more terrible our @ replies got, the funnier they became. The brilliant comedy writer @mollymcnearney was instantly inspired to create a segment for JKL where celebrities read their worst @ replies.

Here is that segment.
It makes me very happy.
Thanks Molly. (I know she didn’t do it for me, but whatever. Also? I love you Will Ferrell.)

While I don’t actually feel bad for any of them, the results here are pretty hilarious and worth a look. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to communicate with celebs in an instant, and we all have Twitter to thank for it.

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