This is what happens when you hack a 93 year-old film camera with a Canon DSLR

This is what happens when you hack a 93 year-old film camera with a Canon DSLR

The magic of film photography hasn’t been ignored in recent times. Lomo-loving apps like Instagram try their best to replicate the stylistic flaws of toy cameras from the past, and companies like Lomography are doing an amazing job promoting analog photography. Even Polaroid has seen a resurgence thanks to The Impossible Project.

For me, I can’t get enough of that film aesthetic, but also love the modern convenience and benefits of digital photography. This is why I go absolutely wild whenever I see the analog and digital worlds merged together. Thanks to Jason Bognacki, we can feast our eyes are one of the most impressive hacks I’ve every seen.

Bognacki took his antique Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) folding camera and managed to merge it with a Canon 5D, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.3 (wide open). This lens is almost 100 years old and look how sharp it is…this blows my mind.

Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.3 (wide open). Lens flare…not what I expected but very nice.

Check out all of the pictures and details via the link below. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see of analog-digital hybrids, because combining the two captures the spirit of both eras at once. This is just incredible.

➤  Jason Bognacki’s Blog (Give it some time to load)

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