This neat tool collects tweets that mention ‘love’ or ‘hate’ and maps them onto a 3D Earth

This neat tool collects tweets that mention ‘love’ or ‘hate’ and maps them onto ...

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably like this little ditty courtesy of digital agency Imperial Leisure.

Love Will Conquer is a real-time, interactive, stream of tweets that mention the words love or hate…but it was built to work in Google Chrome only.

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The application collects geo-tagged tweets and maps them onto a 3D Earth, with messages from the last 10 hours animated into a 3D structure. The properties are determined by variables such as the time the tweets were posted, how long the tweets are and whether the tweets mention love or hate.

Users can browse the tweets by country, giving them a snapshot of how much love (and hate) there is in that country. Locations are pre-selected according to the volume of tweets coming from that location, and include the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Italy, Japan…and about 20 in total.

It’s a really neat tool, even just from an aesthetic standpoint. And you can click on individual ‘shoots’ and see the corresponding tweets.

Love Will Conquer (Requires Google Chrome)

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