Well, this is one way to ensure your daughter isn’t disrespectful on Facebook [Video]

Well, this is one way to ensure your daughter isn’t disrespectful on Facebook [Video]

Let’s face it, we’ve all said something that we might not be too proud of on the Internet. But one girl from Albemarle, North Carolina found out just what happens if she oversteps the mark by disrespecting her family on Facebook.

Tommy Jordan’s daughter posted an irate status to her friends on Facebook (not her first, after receiving a 3 month grounding previously), being careful not to include a List that included her family members, so they weren’t able to see it. It involved her thoughts on being made to do chores, being woken up by her brother and being a general slave to her dad and stepmother.

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However, she forgot to include the dog’s Facebook profile on her block list, and her dad found out. He decided to record a video in response. It may be a little extreme, depending on your views:


The video has gone viral, receiving interest from US TV stations and news agencies. Jordan has received an immense amount of comments on his Facebook post about the matter, later clarifying how he came to find the post and what has happened since.

He invited his daughter to record a response video but she declined, it seems she may have learnt her lesson.

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