How do you respond to an Anonymous hack? Boston Police shows us.

How do you respond to an Anonymous hack? Boston Police shows us.

Just over a week ago, Boston Police became the target of an attack by the online collective Anonymous, defacing its community policing website and posting a YouTube video of the nineties hip-hop track ‘Sound of da Police’ by KRS-One.

The website was down for nearly a week, only coming back online early yesterday morning, but redirected visitors to Boston Police’s Facebook page whilst administrators worked to introduce new safeguards.

You’d expect Boston Police to have been a bit sheepish about the fact it was hacked, to be honest it was. However, it did reply publicly to the hack, with Naked Security pointing us to its the department’s delightfully sarcastic YouTube video:

Department spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll commented on the video:

“It is a serious situation when something like that occurs, but that said, we’re looking for a light-hearted way to communicate with the community, apologize for the convenience and inform them of other ways to connect with us on social media.”

Just why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good KRS-One song?!

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