Check out this drinking game for Twitter, it’s called #DrinkUp

Check out this drinking game for Twitter, it’s called #DrinkUp

While I believe that everyone should drink responsibly, sometimes you need to kick back and throw down a few beers after a long day. Some of us like to use Twitter while we’re having these drinks, which turn out to be either extremely hilarious, or embarrassing. Or both.

One drunk smart developer with some free time on their hands married drinking and Twitter together with a hashtag and site called #DrinkUp.

The premise is painfully obvious once you visit the site:

Yes, every single time someone tweets using the #DrinkUp hashtag on Twitter the site makes a can opening sound, suggesting that you should take a drink. While pounding a beer every time the noise cranks isn’t a smart idea, taking a sip would make for a fun game.

You can leave the site running in the background and hear the cans crack open signifying that it’s time to drink up. And while yes, you should absolutely be careful while drinking alcoholic beverages, this is an absolutely brilliant way to get wasted have fun. The tweets using the hashtag are displayed if you’re still able to see clearly after a few minutes.

Will the hashtag and site catch on? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then, open up the site, wait for the crack of the can and have yourself a drink.


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