Websites From Hell reminds us that the Web was once a very ugly place

Websites From Hell reminds us that the Web was once a very ugly place

Ah…We have really come a long way in Web design, haven’t we? The Internet went from a clumsy, messy place that grabbed data through our phone lines to a force for innovation and innovative designs.

But back in the ’90s, websites weren’t ugly because “that was the thing” — there were simply no great designers taking advantage of it. HTML and CSS were both in their infancy, and so was the idea of a beautiful site.

Websites from Hell is here to remind us that the Web was once (and still is, at times) a very ugly place. Everything showcased looks like it came out of GeoCities, and was created by four year-old with terrible taste. Because of this, it’s a funny site to visit, and will give you an ego boost even if you’re a beginner.

From WFH:

Websites from hell should be an antipol for pages like CssmaniaMakeBetterWebsites or Awwwards. this project is also inspired by Clients from Hell, where you can find hilarious stories from clients, submitted by the community.

You can submit your own website, a website of your ex-client or the page of the rest home from your grandma who slaps you every time you visit her. the only requirement is: the website should be ugly! there is a heavy use of gif images, more frames than you can count, java applets used as navigations, rainbow backgrounds and so on? yes, that would be a great candidate for hell! use the submit form!

You can even browse by newest, rating, views, TLD and color, giving you the ability to discover tons of gems like (the first dog matrimonial website in India, pictured below). So go check it out, be thankful for how fan Web design has come and feel free to share the horrendous website you can find in the comments below!

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