Forget the social network: Facebook is now a nightclub

Forget the social network: Facebook is now a nightclub

If you think Facebook is only the name of a social network, think again: this is also how a Brazilian owner decided to call its nightclub, The Guardian reports.

According to the British newspaper, the club is located in the small and remote town of Epitaciolândia, at the frontier between Brazil and Bolivia. Here’s what it looks like from the outside, according to a local blogger:

As you can imagine, the name is not a coincidence, and confirms Facebook’s tremendous popularity all over the world, including in Brazil, where it has finally overtaken Google’s social network Orkut. With over 36 million Brazilian visitors, Facebook now has members all across the country – including in places like Epitaciolândia and its Bolivian neighbor city Cobija.

Thinking about it, social networks and nightclubs have a few things in common. “What we wanted to do was to build a nightclub with this concept, where people could come and share things with their friends, spend a cool night, sharing pictures, experiences and have fun,” its owner Humbert Camacho said to the Guardian.

However, it doesn’t seem the club will exploit its connection with the social network beyond its name, which is a shame; copying the Ibiza hotel which lets its clients update their Facebook status thanks to RFID wrist bands would have make things even more interesting.

Of course, this is something the club could include later on, but it remains to be seen for how long it will be able to operate under this name. Knowing that Facebook now has offices in Brazil, we wouldn’t be surprised if the club received a call from their lawyers at some point.

But in the meantime, “all that people in Epitaciolândia and Cobija are talking about is Facebook.”

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