This startup idea generator is a ‘robust next generational game changer’

This startup idea generator is a ‘robust next generational game changer’

Ready to have some fun? If not, close the tab. Only people who are prepared to laugh are allowed to read on. Let’s begin by letting you feast your eyes on TNW’s new favorite thing:

The site works like this: you hit the big red button, and it makes you laugh. It’s pretty simple, really. And really funny. The site is here, so get clicking. The tool’s execution is near perfect, with its bottom copy reading as follows:

Now! That’s What I Call Startups is a robust next generational game changer, data driven to eliminate low hanging fruit during the mission critical innovation process so you can rest assured you’re getting nothing but the best top of the line realtime solutions, guaranteed.

The secret sauce in our core competency is the cutting edge “Force Me Hard” ideating technology, seamlessly meeting your needs with all the streamlined bells and whistles of scalability, leverage, and organic growth you’ve come to expect from our best practices paradigm shifting approach.

Ideas cascade out of the box with meaningful synergy. And at the end of the day, it’s a win-win. Brand cuffs. What are those? Now! That’s What I Call Startups.

Buzzword Compliant | Guaranteed Scalability | Exit Strategy Solutions

That all of this perfection is delivered in a box that makes fun of one of the worst traditions in American history (Now! That’s What I Call Trash Music) just makes everything all the better. Oddly, this is not the first jokey startup idea generator that we have written about here on TNW, if you can believe it. Nearly two years ago we wrote this article, but the app is far less visually appealing than what we found today.

If you click the red button enough times, I hear that a VC knocks on your door with a term sheet, but it might be a myth. Kudos to whoever it was on Twitter who shared the link.

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