Now you can take a bath standing up with this vertical bathtub

Now you can take a bath standing up with this vertical bathtub

This tub is about to turn your world upside down, well, 90 degrees at least. It was created for the Roca Design Competition by designer Ethan Lai, and it stands vertically, making it an ideal addition to compact bathrooms (like the ones here in NY).

It is just a concept design at this stage, but if this tub is ever produced, it will consist of an iron shaped shell and a glass door, which will allow it to be filled half-way with water — this thought makes me feel very uncomfortable already. Although there are air vents and possibly other safety mechanisms planned, this tub feels more like a parodied supervillan weapon than a luxury appliance.

Design Buzz explains:

Shortage of space can force people to delete the idea of placing a beautiful bathtub in the washroom. 90 Degree has been shaped like an iron and will let people use it while standing. It will allow users to both stand and float once they are inside the tub. The multifunctional bathtub will provide utmost comfort when bathing in it. 90 Degree features bath, shower and vapor bath, which can be used flexibly without much complications.


For more pictures of this truly innovative bath, check out the photo gallery here.

What do you think? Would you ever purchase such a thing, or does it just remind you of this pool that would make James Bond proud? If you are a fan of the idea, you’re also going to want to check out this concept for a skateboard that folds in half.

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