Slow at work? Check out these fun websites for wasting time

Slow at work? Check out these fun websites for wasting time

With the holidays upon us, it’s no surprise things are slow at work. Your boss is on vacation, your colleagues are going on Dunkin’ Donut runs every hour and you’re stuck at your desk watching the seconds tick by on the over-sized office clock.

In an effort to save you from GoDaddy’s SOPA news, which appears to be the only thing people are talking about online right now, we’ve compiled 5 tech, web and social focused online destinations to help you keep your sanity:

1. Damn You Auto Correct! – Here’s a gem. Everyone knows that your smartphone’s auto-correct can be a real pain sometimes when you’re trying to send a text. I’m sure you’ve probably sent a few texts that either made no sense or got you into trouble. If you’re looking to make yourself feel better or just laugh hysterically, give this one a go. – If your company isn’t blocking it, Facebook can be a great way to pass the time. Even better, what if you could see all the stupid stuff people say? Even if you’re not friends with them.

3. Send The Trend – Fashion startups have been all the rage this year. If you’re into fashion and love getting exclusive deals or clothing recommendations based on your social activity, then finding a site like Send the Trend is an opportune way to waste some time.

4. Crazy Things Parents Text – Parents and technology usually don’t mix. One of the few things they have seemed to master is texting. With that in mind, I’m sure you’ve received a few from your parents that made you say “wtf?”. If you want to see others, check out this site and be sure to grab a tissue for the tears of laughter.

5. Alpine Assault – Mindless games can be an easy way to pass the time. Here’s one from digital agency Piehead (fd: I work here). It’s simple, easy to control and you can try to beat your own high scores. Even better, the assault is on Piehead employees. If you’re up for reliving your childhood by throwing a few snowballs, check this one out.

Or you could just pop on over to (the front page of the Internet) and the next time you look up on the clock, we guarantee it will be Christmas. Also, you could browse through tons of awesome articles on The Next Web.

How are you passing time at work today? Let us know in the comments!

Image: CREATISTA via Shutterstock.

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