Check out this Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square

Check out this Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square

Does R2D2 have any brothers?

No! Only transisters!

As a professional tech blogger, I can’t count how many viral videos and photos I’ve come across that are Star Wars related. You’d think a daily Internet user would get sick of something so ubiquitous. But Star Wars spoofs will never get old.

In New York City’s Times Square this past Tuesday, we saw one of the greatest marketing stunts of the holiday season; a live promotion for the release of The STAR WARS: The Old Republic game. Plainclothes warriors joined the battle among Jedi and Sith in the first ever lightsaber freeze mob duel to a crowd of over 100 awed fans.

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I bet this was way cheaper than a Times Square billboard too. Check it out here:

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