What’s black and white and wood all over again?

What’s black and white and wood all over again?

Why, it’s NewspaperWood of course! This stuff is created by crafting literal logs from newspaper and, presumably, glue. The logs are then cut, carved and shaped into planks and blocks, like regular wood, and used to make furnishings.

I think that this is one of the coolest reconstituted materials that I have ever seen. It was dreamed up by designer Mieke Meijer and has been used to make some pretty cool looking furniture, as you can see below.

When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree and therefore resembles the aesthetic of real wood. The material can be cut, milled and sanded and generally treated like any other type of wood.

So cool, I want furniture made out of this, stat!

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