Just in time for Christmas: the $130,000 toilet from Japan

Just in time for Christmas: the $130,000 toilet from Japan

If you’ve six figures burning a hole in your pocket but you’ve not yet found that memorable gift for your loved one, why not consider this jewel studded toilet from Japan?

The novelty lavatory, which will set you back more than 10 million Japanese Yen (that’s $130,000 in the US), is on display in Tokyo where it is proving to be very popular with the locals.

As well as a spectacular gleaming exterior, the toilet is remote controlled, all of which is designed to please the Japanese god of lavatories. You can take a look at it in more detail in the video below from ITN:

The Japanese are well known for their appreciation and design of toilets, whether it be a heated seat, spectacular flushing system or musical accompaniment, as the Wikipedia page explains and — better yet — this scene from hit film Cars 2 ably demonstrates.

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