Here’s a swimming pool that would make James Bond proud

Here’s a swimming pool that would make James Bond proud

The most ridiculous things surface on the internet; usually thanks to Reddit. That’s the case for this Hidden Water brand swimming pool, which transforms back and fourth between a patio and a fully functional pool with the push of a button. So far there’s no word on how much installing this pool costs, but my personal guess is well into six figures. Yes, I have already asked for a quote.

There’s also a touching backstory to the company, which was inspired by the founder’s reaction to his mother’s severe arthritis.

Hidden water has plenty of options and customizations to choose from, so kick back, watch the video, then head to their site and get ready to blow your life’s savings. Afterwords, there’s tons of other great finds from Reddit that we’ve highlighted in the past. Examples include this bear waving hello (priceless) and this Christmas tree made of 3,000 spare cans.

What would you be willing to pay for this bragging-right of a pool?

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