Introducing….The Dolphin Jetpack

Introducing….The Dolphin Jetpack

A French jet ski champion has released an absolutely insane Flyboard for professional jet-skier Franky Zapata along with the following video demoing the product.

The device is actually quite simple. The “Zapata Flyboard” attaches to a jet ski motor then pushes the resulting water through a long hose that connects to a pair of water boots and hand-held stabilizers. The propulsion gives Zapata breaching like powers that a Humpback Whale would be jealous of. Zapata says he can fly 30ft above the sea with it. GizMag aptly described it as “Aquaman meets Ironman.”

While swimming with dolphins will cost you around $100, swimming like a dolphin with this flyboard will cost you $6,600.

Check out Zapata’s skills below [Report by Jeremy Barnes]:

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