Meet This Holiday’s Tablet Shopper [Infographic]

Meet This Holiday’s Tablet Shopper [Infographic]

This holiday season, tablet owners are more likely to feel indulgent and generous than consumers who don’t own tablets, according to a survey commissioned by zmags. The study reports that 87% of tablet owners are browsing and purchasing their holiday gifts through their tablets, 50% of which lazily (but understandably) prefer the couch when it’s time to go shopping.

For those of us who aren’t willing to spend $500+ on a less-than-practical tablet, we’re going to be miserable shopping for the holidays. Sorry everyone. The study finds that “consumers who own smartphones and laptops, but not tablets, feel impatient, stressed or overwhelmed about shopping.” Although this is most likely because of an economic divide, rather than the magic iPad, I will admit that I am stressed about holiday shopping, and do not own a tablet.

Nevertheless, the survey and infographic speak volumes on how tablets are being used, and how much better they are than awful shopping malls (see black friday).

On average, [tablet owners] will spend $325 via their tablets in categories like electronics, clothing, toys and jewelry. While most consider themselves savvy shoppers, many also say they are impulse shoppers and luxury buyers. Several even told us they splurged on expensive diamond rings, cars and hand-crafted designer clothes using their tablets.

Tablet Shoppers
How are you shopping for the holidays?

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