Oops! The Guardian posts a cannabis leaf instead of the Canadian flag

Oops! The Guardian posts a cannabis leaf instead of the Canadian flag

I am not trying to come across as a sanctimonious, virgin-pure blogger here. I make mistakes all the time. Thankfully, some of our readers have a lot of time on their hands and are nice enough to correct me. But the humor in The Guardian’s recent photo mishap is too good not to share with you.

As first picked up by the blog Regret the Error, The Guardian ran a story about how Canada’s multicultural policy should not be emulated by European nations. To go with the caption ‘The argument that all is rosy in Canada’s multicultural garden is unconvincing,’ The Guardian accidentally posted the unofficial Canadian Cannabis Flag instead of the official Canadian Flag with a Maple Leaf emblem. As Regret the Error points out, the caption really makes the error all the more wonderful.

Whoever posted the photo was either really stoned or has never smoked pot before, ever. The former would account for the person’s lack of perception. The latter would account for the person’s lack of realization.

Here’s the official comment about the correction from a Guardian employee:


Considering the copious amount of marijuana that Canadians are known to smoke, the error wasn’t too bad. Maybe if Europe adopted a more liberal approach to marijuana its multicultural issues would subside. Nothing like a ‘more the merrier approach’ to immigration after a few joints have been rolled. The story has since been fixed with a proper Canadian Maple Leaf flag.

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