Nissan’s new electric car could power your house someday

Nissan’s new electric car could power your house someday

According to a video by the Nissan Technology Magazine (NTM), The Nissan Leaf, a highly anticipated 100% electric car, has enough battery storage to power an average Japanese home* for two days.

Essentially, this means you could use your car as a generator during emergencies, share electricity with a friend in need, and eventually purchase cheaper electricity from competing charging stations to bring home and use. It’s “a giant battery on wheels.”

The video goes on to say:

The Nissan Leaf is more than just a car. It is also a way to store extra electricity from your house to use later, or even for directly powering your home… How can we take advantage of that resource to change the way we live in the future? Nissan Technology Magazine’s Erika Yokoyama explores this new EV home lifestyle.

Just like The NY Time’s work to create the Reveal, a mirror from the future, the Nissan Technology Magazine will take a look at advances in science, and “attempt to paint a picture of what the Future of Mobility might look like.”

*It may be worth noting that the average American home might not last as long :)

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