Create music using Owls, it’s a real hoot

Create music using Owls, it’s a real hoot

If you’re a musician, here’s one instrument we bet you’ve never used before. Owls. Not live ones, but the sounds that they make.

One set of developers at the London Music Hack Day decided that it was time to bring the beautiful, yet sometimes alarming, sounds that Owls make, tune them a bit, and serve them up to you for beautiful music making.

Thanks to Hannah Donovan and Roel van der Ven, OwlOctave teaches you a thing or two about Owls while you’re making your music, telling you the name of each as well as where they reside.

So go make beautiful music, who gives a damn how silly you might look sitting at your computer in front of a bunch of Owls making noises. Get it, who? Nevermind.


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