HTML5 makes this band your personal music box

HTML5 makes this band your personal music box

I love music. You love music. I love playing music, and you probably do as well. But what you might not know is that conducting, or directing music, is also darn enjoyable. Today I bring you Searching for Abby, and their track ‘Evelyn.’ But instead of you merely firing up the site and listening to the song, please get ready to arrange the music on the fly. The group calls it an ‘interactive music video.’

The band has recorded the song several times, with each member playing their part on three different instruments. You can mix, match, and clash those various tracks with three different vocal tracks, and mute any of the players for a more sparse sound.

Now, aside from this being more than fun, what makes it a TNW story? The technology, HTML5, that runs the little music app is more than hot. And to be honest, it’s not every day we get to see such a clear picture of the future of the Internet. This is what the beast looks like in action:

Now head here and have some fun!

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