Work at this company and you’ll get a cow, a fixie and an unlimited supply of your favorite beer

Work at this company and you’ll get a cow, a fixie and an unlimited supply of your favorite beer ...

Earlier this morning, a friend sent me a very peculiar job posting for a company in New York City. Amicus, a yet to launch startup that “empowers non-profits and political campaigns to leverage the social networks of their supporters to raise more money, attract more members, and win more votes” is hiring “talented, socially-conscious developers looking for a rigorous project with tangible civic returns”.

The company, which is based in General Assembly, is specifically hiring Rubyists and hardcore databasers. So, what are the perks?

First, you’ll get $2,000 in cash (for R&D), a full-year supply of Counter Culture Coffee, a local gym membership, an iPad 2 (for prototyping), an Iron Man 2 Deluxe Helmet, an unlimited supply of your favorite beer, a fixed gear bicycle and yes, a cow (which is then donated via

I asked Seth Bannon, the co-founder and CEO of Amicus a few questions.

How did you get the idea to donate a cow?

Seth Bannon: The goals of the cow and our other offerings are threefold: highlight our desire to promote the public good, demonstrate our company’s culture of fun, and grab people’s attention. If you get excited by the idea of having a dairy cow donated in your name to a family in the developing world, then you are the kind of developer we want to work with. We are cow people. If you don’t get that, then you probably shouldn’t apply for a position at Amicus.

CBM: Are you really willing to supply an unlimited amount of beer?

Seth Bannon: As firm believers in the Ballmer Peak, if you are a developer at Amicus, you will have an unlimited supply of your favorite beer in our fridge, forever. No joke. And if you refer us a developer who ends up joining our team, we will keep you well stocked with your favorite beer for a full year’s time.

CBM: What if I can’t ride a fixie?

Seth Bannon: We will teach you! If that will not work, you can substitute the fixie for a scooter or any other green mode of transportation.

Know any developers? You should probably refer them to this gig. I wonder how Amicus investors David Rose and Esther Dyson feel about this…

Featured image: Shutterstock/Sebastian Knight

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