This site smells like ‘A World Of Nirvana’

This site smells like ‘A World Of Nirvana’

If you’re a Nirvana fan, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours scouring the Internet looking for every piece of footage available on the band. The site A World Of Nirvana has taken the grunt work out of enjoying rare concert footage of the band from the entire life of their career together.

The app uses the Google Maps and YouTube APIs to collect concert footage broken up by each year and pulled and shown on the location the event happened.

Simply choose your year of interest, pick a location, and the video is shown directly from YouTube. Some of the videos are super compressed full versions. The quality of the videos aren’t the best, but there are shows that I’ve found here that I didn’t know existed on YouTube.

Even if you’re not a huge Nirvana fan, you’ll find surfing around the map and picking a random show to check out to be fun. Hearing the band’s sound get tighter over the years is impressive for any fan of music to watch.

A World Of Nirvana

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