This is why you never ask Reddit for anything simple. Ever.

This is why you never ask Reddit for anything simple. Ever.

A large minority of the TNW staff only barely manages to avoid Reddit long enough each day to keep our jobs. This means that we are constantly scrambling for ways to make our Reddit usage productive. Today is one of those lucky days that we have pulled it off. Sort of.

A Reddit user, the lovely ‘theblackcrayon‘ needed a small favor: he was trying to log in to a web service while mobile, but could not find the ‘`’ symbol on his Android keyboard. He needed to find one in text, so that he could copy and paste it into his password. However, the symbol is hardly common, so he asked Reddit to type it, and leave it as a comment to his request. He could then snag it, log in, and be on his merry way.

In short order, a goodly number of people did just that. Theblackcrayon was thankful. However, Reddit, being what it is, blew up the thread, turning into a beautiful quagmire of puns and jokes, spanning some 978 comments at the time of writing. This is just the sort of thing that makes the Reddit community such fun: endless, zany wit. Enjoy a sample of the post:

If you are smart, witty, and interesting, check out Reddit. If not, head here.

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