The official Raise Cache music video of New York City startups

The official Raise Cache music video of New York City startups

We recently wrote about Raise Cache, a sold-out, night-long event that took place last Thursday at the Lexington Avenue Armory and was organized by 21-year old Rebecca Zhou, a former Hackstar at TechStars. Raise Cache raised $103, 789.22 for hackNY, a non-profit that nurtures the next generation of New York’s hackers with frequent hackathons and a fellows program.

To kick off the evening, attendees got to see the following music video, which was the brain child of Rachel Sklar, a “media addict on the loose” and the founder of Change the Ratio, an organization that aims to get women as represented in the business world as men. The video was produced and edited by Sklar and Phil Di Giulio, co-founder of FrameSocket. Recording and mixing was done by Venrock’s David Pakman.

The video was filmed all over NYC startup hotbeds – TechStars, GA, 36 Cooper Square, The Makery, the OnSwipe office (which was the RaiseCache HQ). It opened up the Raise Cache fashion show to a massive applause. If you weren’t there, you can check it out below!

Lyrics below:

(To the tune of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”)

Hack, hack, get in the black
Get on the ball there’s no turning back
Show some stamina

Think, think, energy drink
Push some more code it’s swim or sink
Want some ramen, ya?

Founder, hacker
Venture backer
Maker, shaker
Trying, frying, odds-defying
This shit’s serious

So raise some cache if you’ll be here
To hack one more day
Startup underdogs
We’ll just iterate, iterate – lighting up the night
In New York City – til we get it right
But until then until then we’ll raid your stash
Just come on and come on and raise your cash!

Pitch, glitch, scratching the itch
Solving the problem to make us rich
Can’t we just cash out (cash out!)
Bootstrap, note with a cap,
Building the userbase, build the app
It’s so on right now (so fuckin’ on right now)

Rip it, zip it,
Ship it, flip it
Read the blog from that guy from Yipit
Flying, vying, Hack NY-ing
This shit’s serious

So raise some cache if you’ll burn on
Without a runway
Startup underdogs,
We will never be never be anything but lean
It’s better that than going to Wall Street
So just come and come on and make your splash
Just come and come on and raise some cash
If you’re dorky, New Yorky then raise some cash
Keep on wishin’ it, Tischin’ it – raise some cash

(Bubble? This ain’t no Y2K, baby.)

And if you’re short on the flow
And the going’s pretty slow
You can change that ratio
We can always, we can always,
Raise another round…

(Aw, foo!)

So raise some cash if you are in
It for the long haul
Startup underdogs,
Keep on making things making things – every single day,
In New York City
Techie little geeks
So – raise – some
Cache if you are here,
And you are staying
New York underdogs,
We can make it here make it here – only gotta try
In New York City
Here’s to us, NY
And together together we’ll raise some cache
With community, unity – raise some cache
Just come on and come on and raise some cache
Just come on and come on and raise your cache
For me

Startups/organizations repped in the video, in no particular order:

Urtak, Piictu, Dispatch, Fashism, Curbed, Eater, Racked, Foursquare,, The Daily Muse, Honestly Now,,, The, CityPockets, Bnter, LaunchPad LA, WantWorthy, 10gen, Sonar, The Difference Engine, Hashable, WellcomeMat, FrameSocket, Change The Ratio, Contently, NYTM, OnSwipe, KloudCo, Siftee, Hopscotch, Artsicle, Veri, TechStars, SideTour, TechCrunch, Aviary, Yipit, GirlDevelopIt, Elizabeth & Clarke, YouNow, Giftiki, Barbarian Group, Birchbox, Local Response, The Lean Startup Machine, Sailthru, Business Insider, Spark Capital, IA Ventures, HuffPost Tech, WSJ Social, The Daily, StockTwits, Uber, Wanderfly, Small Girls PR, Behance, BrunchCritic, Google, USV, WeFest, Guest of a Guest, RaiseCache, We Are NY Tech.

Notable cameos:

Rachel Sklar; investor Mark Suster; TechStars NY managing director David Tisch; investor & StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon; Fashism founder Brooke Moreland; industry leaders & investors Fred & Joanne Wilson; NYTM managing director Jessica Lawrence; IA Ventures’ Roger Eherenberg; Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley; Birchbox co-founders Hayley Barna & Katia Beauchamp; “The Daily” publisher Greg Clayman; OnSwipe founder (& TechStars TV breakout star) Jason Baptiste; Hank Williams, one of the stars of CNN’s “Black in America: Silicon Valley”; new YC admitees Kathryn Minshew Alexandra Cavoulacos & Melissa McCreery of The Daily Muse in front of the YC sign; GirlDevelopIt’s Sarah Chipps, Spark Capital’s Mo Koyfman, Caroline McCarthy & Allison Mooney of Google.

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