This is what happens when a female orgasms [Video]

This is what happens when a female orgasms [Video]

If ever there were a day to share a pinch of “adult” flavored news, this would be it. For the first time in history, scans of the female brain as it reacts to the sensation of an orgasm have been recorded. The shocking part? Rather than the previously expected “isolated areas of the brain” reacting to stimulation, the orgasm recorded affected more than 80 brain regions.

In the photos below, you’ll notice that almost every part of the brain ‘illuminates’ during the female orgasm. This brain activity begins with pleasure centers associated with the body, before spreading throughout the entire brain. Rob Waugh of MailOnline notes that to watch this in action is like watching a “fireworks display”.

Still curious? Check out these photos.

It’s a trap!

I should note, however, that the photos above are the scan of a 54-year-old sex therapist by the name of Nan Wise who volunteered for an MRI scanning while stimulating herself. We wonder whether the scans would reflect similarly for a woman half her age?

Watch the female orgasm in action

Psychologist at Rutgers University, Professor Barry Komisaruk, hopes this research will aid women having difficulties with orgasming. My question is, which women exactly are being helped? Women in their 50’s, or women of all ages?

This visualization shows themagnetic resonance imaging brain data of a participant experiencing an orgasm – and the corresponding relationships seen within these different regions based on oxygen levels in the blood.

Oxygen levels are displayed on a spectrum from dark red (lowest activity) to yellow/white (highest).

As can be observed, an orgasm leads to almost the entire brain illuminating yellow, indicating that most brain systems become active at orgasm.

Take a peek at the video, then chime in with your own comments. If the video isn’t loading for you, check it out here.

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