The Simpsons Parodies Angry Birds With ‘Furious Fliers’ [Video]

The Simpsons Parodies Angry Birds With ‘Furious Fliers’ [Video]

If invading our smartphones, tablets, computers and local retailers wasn’t enough, Rovio’s smash hit Angry Birds was paid the ultimate homage after it was given The Simpsons treatment in a recent episode.

Instead of referring to the franchise but its rightful name, animators of the longest running US TV series instead labelled the game ‘Furious Fliers’, showing a small 13-second skit where Homer takes Bart and Lisa to E4, the ‘Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo’, an obvious play on the popular E3 gaming expo:

Rovio intends to move into Fox’s territory with the announcement that it is currently working on making an Angry Birds movie, opening the opportunity for the franchise to move into children’s cartoons.

The game continues to pull users to the franchise, with the company recently announcing the game has been downloaded over half a billion times since it launched.

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