Brilliant: search Google for ‘do a barrel roll’, you’ll love it

Brilliant: search Google for ‘do a barrel roll’, you’ll love it

Fans of the hit Nintendo classic, Star Fox, will really love this one. Typing in “Do a Barrel Roll” into your Google search bar will cause the search results to rotate and flip across the screen, very similar to the barrel rolls performed by pilots in the video game. Or in real life, because real pilots can do that too.

See below for a still image of the new search feature:

Uh, yeah. A simple screenshot obviously can’t convey the “cool” factor of this new Google hack, so I’ll let you head to Google search to figure it out for yourself and see the new trick action. Otherwise, drop by TechZwn to get a good laugh at the nostalgic Star Fox world where the inspiration for this feature most likely sprang from.

Maybe even pay a visit to “The Revolving Internet“. Though be warned: It’s a bit dizzying.

If you found this interesting, be sure to take a peek at another cool search feature. We previously revealed that searching up the word “tilt” in your smartphone would provide nauseating results in Google. Searching for the term will effectively tilt and skew the screen a bit to reflect the keyword, a hack that uses a bit of CSS trickery to bring it to life.

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