Tweephone makes tweeting from a rotary phone a reality

Tweephone makes tweeting from a rotary phone a reality

Have you ever wanted to dial your tweet to Twitter via a rotary phone? Of course you have.

Now you can, with a new science project called Tweephone.

Just when you thought rotary phones weren’t cool anymore, Twitter brings them into the next generation. Unteleported explains the amazing feat:

Tweephone is a joint project of two friendly digital firms. As the first anniversary of UP Digital Bureau was approaching, Unteleported tech agency had decided to present their friends with an execution of the UP’s geeky, yet interesting and challenging idea.

As a result, now anyone can post to Twitter from an old-school phone you can possibly find only at your granny’s. Text dialing is based on the same principle you can find in your old cell phones. For instance, to get «a» you have to dial «2» once, and to get «f» you dial «3» three times. To send the tweet you just have to simply hang up the phone. All tweets dialed on Tweephone are posted on its personal twitter account, and if you ever get a chance to try this device, you will definitely understand why they are mostly so short.

If you still think 140 characters limit isn’t enough to express oneself, you should try Tweephone — it will change your mind once and for all.

Rotary phones use the same dial tone technology as cell phones, so a rotary phone hooked up to a computer can send the same data. Tweephone displays tweets as you type them in. Rather, spin them in, using a rotary phone.

Here’s a video showing Tweephone in its full glory:

I find the blend of old media and new media fascinating, and I’d probably use this in my house. Judging by the demo though, it might take 20 or 30 minutes to get a tweet out.

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