Mark Zuckerberg Discusses ‘The Facebook’ in 2005 [video]

Mark Zuckerberg Discusses ‘The Facebook’ in 2005 [video]

In a video dating back to June 2005, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses the mission of “The Facebook”.

Zuckerberg describes the early iteration of Facebook as an “ice breaker”, and an “online directory for colleges” that’s “kind of interactive”.

Early on, you can tell that Zuckerberg is interested in, and almost obsessed with, collecting information and data about Facebook users. He shared during the interview:

I realized that because I didn’t have people’s information like a school would in making a face book, I needed to make it interesting enough so that people would want to use the site and put their information up!

It’s pretty amazing how relaxed and focused Zuckerberg is, and that focus has stayed with the company all the way through to a growth of over 800 million users. Facebook’s plan was laid out before us in 2006 as the young CEO describes in this interview:

Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely

Mark Zuckerberg will be visiting colleges on the East coast starting November 8th, including Harvard University, where ‘The Facebook’ started.

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