Play Angry Birds on any page with this add-on

Play Angry Birds on any page with this add-on

Are you so addicted to Angry Birds that you would play it anywhere? Well, we have good news: here’s a little add-on to do just that – on the web. It’s actually an extension that works with most browsers and will let you add add an Angry Birds gameplay layer to every single web page. Have a look at the demo video, featuring The Next Web:

It was created by the agency Wunderman Buenos Aires to promote the launch of Angry Birds on Nokia’s Ovi Store (you can download the mobile app here.)

Since the extension is from Argentina, the page where you’ll find it is in Spanish but you should be able to figure it out fairly easily. All you have to do is drag the game icon to your bookmarks bar – click the link and the game will show up!

Again, here’s how it looks like on our site:


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